606 Highway 95

Weiser, ID 83672

Weiser River Music Festival Guidelines

  1. No Animals allowed in the venue.  No exceptions.

  2. Parking: 

    • Vehicles will be subject to a search when they enter the venue. Due to overwhelming security concerns, all vehicles are subject to search before entering the property. If you refuse to have your vehicle searched you will be turned away- no exceptions. For security reasons we will not be allowing any oversized rental type trucks onto the property.

    • No Outside alcohol allowed in the venue.  Liability Insurance doesn’t allow it.

    • Alcohol will be confiscated

    • Alcohol can be purchased in the venue, must be 21 to purchase.

  3. No Weapons or Fireworks allowed in the venue.  Any and all will be confiscated.

  4. No Illicit Drug use or sales in the venue.  This is in compliance with Federal and Idaho State Law.   

  5. No open fires or candles. Campfires and candles are strictly forbidden. Safe camping stoves are permitted, but will need to be inspected.

  6. Re-entry is allowed but please be aware the any intoxicated drivers will not be allowed to leave and law enforcement will be alerted.  Upon re-entry all persons must have proper identification, ie. Wristbands, passes.    

  7. MEDICAL & SAFETY There will be a medical tent. Please notify any event staff member you can locate of any medical emergencies.


    • Drink plenty of water!  

    • If you're going to consume alcohol, please do so wisely.  

    • Wear plenty of sunscreen.  

    • Carry and use a flashlight at night. Bring extra batteries

  8. No unauthorized vending – if you’re not a registered vendor you may not sell or distribute anything on the festival grounds. Violators are subject to confiscation and/or ejection.

  9. No amplified music (or drum circles) from 11pm – 11am

  10. No cans, bottles, glass or chairs higher than 18” allowed in the pit.

  11. No motorized vehicles (golf carts, ATVs, segways).

  12. No laser pens or similar focused-light devices, drones or time controlled cameras.

  13. No confetti or posters.

  14. Prohibited items may be added to this list at any time if necessary.

  15. TENT SAFETY Cover your tent stakes with inverted plastic water bottles so people don't cut themselves on the sharp edges. Mark the outside of your tent with a piece of cloth so you can find your tent amongst the many others. Bring a small lock to increase security of your belongings. Lock all valuables in your car! We cannot be held responsible for stolen items.  

  16. RV CAMPING Recreational Vehicles, RV Trailers and Buses will be parked in a separate area. RENTED BOX VANS WILL NOT BE ADMITTED. There are no electric hook ups or dump stations available on site at all- not even for Artists and Crew.

  17. The camping areas will be separate from the parking areas.  A variety of independent vendors will be selling food and crafts for the duration of the event. Ice and bottled water will be available for purchase. We encourage patrons to bring enough cash to last the three-day weekend. Portable toilets and hand washing stations are located throughout the location.